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Instruction & Lectures

I am always happy to teach, or talk, color theory and color science, to individuals or groups. For lectures, any group size is fine; for hands-on workshops, I generally limit group size to 8; more than that can make it difficult to give participants much individual attention.

The material I cover is the Munsell Color System, the science behind color and vision, and the Graydon Parrish bracketing method of color mixing, which he also teaches (of course) and he and I teach jointly through The Classical Lab.


I teach at the Wethersfield Academy for the Arts in Wethersfield, CT. Regular classes include Bargue drawing, human anatomy for artists, and color theory. See the school website for more information.


I have two versions of a general color science and color theory workshop for painters: a highly-condensed 30-minute version, and a more relaxed 2-3 hour version. It consists of a slideshow and some demonstrations, and has never not been followed by a lively Q&A that goes until everybody’s tired.


I also do a one-day hands-on workshop for painters, starting with the short-form lecture overview of color science and the Munsell color system, and covering hands-on color mixing in oil paint. Students are taught to individually consider and target the three attributes of color: hue, value and chroma, and the Graydon Parrish method of how to mix any color by isolating and bracketing those attributes.

Students seeking more in-depth instructions on these subjects should attend the longer courses, ranging from 1-3 weeks, taught and led by Graydon Parrish and The Classical Lab. See for more information.