Joining the ISCC Board of Directors

I'm very honored to be joining the Board of Directors of the Inter-Society Color Council (ISCC) for a 3-year term starting in January, 2017. The ISCC is the premier professional organization for color science in the United States, founded in 1931 and whose first member was none other than Dorothy Nickerson, assistant to A. E. [...]

Cleaning the studio

Some people thrive on chaos and disorder. It has its place, but I have never been good at clearing my mind and focusing on tasks (creative or cognitive) when there's mess everywhere. Once every so often I go berserk and blast through a massive clean-up and reorganization of my space, and avow that I will [...]

New show in Brookline, MA

Today I hung some work in the Guild Room at All Saint's Parish in Brookline, MA, not far from where I grew up. It's always fun to see work arranged in new ways. They had a nice reception for me and I spoke to a lot of [...]

Hung the Sunburst gallery today

I added this setup to the show currently running at the Henion Bakery in Amherst, MA today. Though I did these paintings several months ago, this is the first time I've actually hung them as I intended them to be viewed. I'm pretty happy with how it looks. The display is about six feet across [...]

Long overdue

It's been a while since this website was refreshed/updated. It's long overdue. Not having enough to do is not one of my problems. Still, it needs to be done, and I'm finally doing it - completely rebuilding the site to be easier to navigate (particularly on mobile devices), easier to maintain, and easier on the [...]